a quick update.

Untitled, originally uploaded by Mei Todd.

Life has been kinda hectic, but there will be some new pictures soon. When I decided to go back teaching, I knew photography was not going to be a priority anymore.

Photographing for the love of it was the wisest decision ever and I absolutely love it

Now I am researching for the “Weather Project”, a project Derek Piotr and Mikah Meyer are releasing by the end of 2013. As the visual material is my responsibility, I have started collecting images and It’s been fun!

I am still photographing my friends and doing fine art, but i have stopped with the fashion and doll photography altogether and I don’t miss it at all. Also i have got some plans for the future, but I don’t like talking about them before they actually happen. So, the right time to tell will come.

To cut a long story short, life has been good to me and i am very happy.
yay *dances*

One thought on “a quick update.

  1. Doll photography, I am not sure you can not miss it, Meire.
    You almost gave them personality and certainly made them seem alive on those photos.

    Your current project with Derek is very exciting and we are terribly interested in the beautiful realization of your secret plans.

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