a bit of Hermione.

I have always liked reading. The first “big” book I read when I was a child was A Little Princess, by Frances H. Burnett and since then fantasy books became crucial in my reading habits. Some time ago I decided to re-read all Harry Potter books , by J.K Rowling, and I really wanted to take some pics portraying the Hermione Granger I had in my mind. Then, when i put my eyes on Priscila, who works with me, I was struck by a lightning! She was the one!
We arranged this photoshoot that took less than an hour…and following to this another protoshoot was produced at a pub (for the next entry).

This “Hermione” photoshoot is the 5th in a row that I shot this year.
I will post the others later and many more are about to come.

Life has been good to me…I am back to teaching (which I absolutely love), reading, and photographing a lot!

I must say I have been feeling quite productive lately, full of ideas and such.
The people I’ve been working with are intense, enthusiastic, really creative, brilliant, and super fun to work with.
Thank you so much for everything.
*happy dance*

a bit of Hermione.









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