series III – props.

a document.

I usually make props for almost every photo session.
I mean, i do not make them for commercial shots, of course. (I will write about the creative process another day)

For me, making props can be as exciting as the photo session itself because i get lost in thoughts and plan exactly what i want to do – although not everything goes 100% as planned, of course! Making props is time consuming, sometimes i run out of materials in the middle of the night and have to postpone the production, sometimes things break or do not fit. Sometimes the colour is wrong…other times i have no money to buy anything at all. Sometimes i just don’t feel like doing anything at all and put the work aside for weeks until i get inspired once again. Sometimes i am too busy to work on the props…sometimes the material is too noisy and can wake my neighbours up…sometimes my cat does not collaborate ^_^ and wants to play with the pieces.

Making props is a great adventure! lol.

i haven’t taken photos of all the props or the process of producing them. I have got lots of stuff inside boxes and bags of all sizes. i guess having a file on the computer with pictures of everything would be easier than opening boxes, bags, and doors all the time to check things out.

Here are some props, some material i use..yadda yadda yadda.

Too tired to translate this into portuguese right now. I might edit this later…..yeah.

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