Vulgar Gods – rehearsal.

Working with musicians is really rewarding!
As you may know, I have been working with Derek Piotr for a while now and my conceptual images fit his mood perfectly. I absolutely love working with him. The photos for his new album, Airing, can be seem in his site, but i will make an entry about it as soon as the album is out.

Then there is this very cool local band….
Our first photo session was last year, in a park…then the band (that didn’t have a name then) went trough a lot of changes. Now they have got name and some great songs you can listen to online.

In January we went out to the streets to take some portraits that you might have seen HERE before and last weekend I took some photos during a rehearsal and the result was what I expected. I wanted all the photos in black and white, very grainy and full of contrast.

There is a little story behind this session (and my life as a photographer)
One of the photos that made me want to become a photographer was this one of Joy Division, shot by Anton Corbijn at Lancaster Gate tube station, in the late 70s. I saw it when i was a teenager and fell in love with it and fell in love with photography…..

For decades i have been drawn in by Anton Corbijn‘s work and I can say that he is one of my favourite photographers – and Joy Division is one of my favourite bands…so….go figure.
My photos are far far far to be as good as Anton’s, but this is my little homage to a very very inspiring artist.

yadda…yadda…here are some photos:

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