rocking your socks off.

This has been a really productive month – but no $$ at all.
Last week I had the opportunity to photograph a really cool rock band from Londrina. The band is inbetween names now but I’ll let you know when they come up with something.

We took the photos in a local park, very close to my house, and mind you, I didn’t even know the park was sooo huge and beautiful. So, know your surroundings, folks.

I’m still editing the photos, but here are some that I have already posted on my flickr.

Leonardo Pelegrino – Vocais
Gabriel Pelegrino – Bateria
Vinícius Carneiro Gouveia – Guitarras e Backing Vocals
Guilherme Hoewell – Guitarras, Vocals e Backing Vocals
Pedro Portello – Baixo

photos and edition: Meire Todao
assistants: Letícia Nascimento e Desirée Molina

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