the assignment.

So, last year a friend of mine, who is a musician, asked me if i could do the artwork for his album that would be released this year. Of course I said yes because it would be awesome to join forces with a great friend like him.
I met Derek on the internet because of Jocelyn, a friend we have in common, and also because we both are Björk fans…so, it was just perfect! yay.
For months i tried to figure out what would be the best image for the album cover, but the “click” (in my head, mind you) just came after I listened to the songs he sent me last week. I worked like mad last Saturday and Sunday, taking pictures, editing them, and sending them to Derek.
The choice is made. We’ve got a winner.
Unfortunately I haven’t got the complete art yet, so i will show it to you later.

But something else happened during the process. Most photos i have taken became the body of a future project that will take shape (concrete shape, I hope) in the near future. I have been through this discovery process since I grabbed a camera for the first time in my life, I guess…I have always aimed for still life and dream-like images and I believe I improved a lot since the beginning. But i am not satisfied. I need to continue studying and experimenting because this is what photography is about.
Anyway, I will keep you up-to-date with my experiments and the results.

Some of the images i produced are already on my Flickr and Facebook, so i think i should post them here as well. No Photoshop whatsoever was used to produce these images. I only used my close-up filters (that i have to hold with my hand while i focus, because the filters are much smaller than my lens, go figure! I tried to tape them to the lens but they kept falling….lol). I also used a sheet of silver/mirror-like paper (?) that helps to distort the image a little, so I would take photos of the reflection sometimes. Then I tweaked the colours, contrast in Lightroom.
To cut a long story short – because the technical part is way too boring – here are some photos:

I will post the album artwork as soon as possible.
All is full of love.


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