so, i haven’t posted for a while. So, here’s one just to tell you all I’m still alive and such.

Some days ago an interview and some of my photos were published on Pulse magazine (online). You can check it out here, if you want to.


It may be something ordinary to a lot of photographers out there, but it means a lot to me since I am not featured anywhere – that’s the price you pay for being a low-profile photographer! People out there, in other countries appreciate my work more than people in real life that live in the same city.
I have been working on my website for some days and I hope to finish it soon, since I need to send the link out to some people…and then wait until something happens.

Also I’ve got something important to do. A quest. For a friend. Soon….

I might post some photos later…dunno. My apartment has been through some major renovation and I have been quite busy with some cleaning and stuff (this explains why I’m late with my website….)

oh, well.


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