what a grumpy photographer of me.

outtake vii, originally uploaded by mei todao.

so, i guess i have finished editing the weekend photographs.
They are not spectacular, but i liked exercising outdoors..especially struggling with the difficult light that came through the tree leaves around midday……
The thing is that i don’t like to use the built-in flash from the camera and i have no other external light source. To tell you the truth i don’t like flash at all. Maybe i will change my mind when i buy a decent one (that is the first thing on my list). And when i have some more light sources – i mean continuous lighting – i will make some portraits like those Hollywood classic portraits of film stars. See: George Hurrell’s work and take a look at this: http://www.scribd.com/doc/9197694/Hollywood-Portraits-Classic-shots-and-how-to-make-them# —–> I may try these settings one day and make everyone look like a very very classy movie star!!!
Yeah, making something look classy and elegant is what i aim when i take portraits. I try to avoid the “pirigueti”(spelling?) look the same way i avoid the devil, you know. Last weekend i helped my cousin and Maynara choose the clothes for our first photo session…it was like watching a “What Not To Wear” episode because i said no to everything i didn’t like. My rule number one: if you show the legs don’t show your arms and cleavage and vice-versa.
Choose only one thing, please!! And not too much…
The same applies to tight clothes….

I guess i am getting grumpier as i get older. lol!

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