some more thoughts on photography.

During lunchtime i was thinking about my last entry and i would like to clarify that what i mean by being creative is the fact of being unique in what you do.
There are some photographers that inspire me and I recognise the images they produced just by looking at them…i don’t even need to read their names anywhere because their images are like signatures.
I also feel the need to find my “identity” as a photographer. Doing “bokeh”, pastel colours, and flat light portraits just because everyone else is doing is not what i want.

Take a look at what these amazing photographers do:

.Sati Kobashi/
.Kristamas Klousch
.Alejandra Vacuii
.Federico Erra
.Benjamin Goss
.Jack Davison
.Cassia Beck

Of course there are some more to add to this list, but i guess i have made my point clear by using their work as examples.


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