time to think.

Time for some reflection.
I do need to find some coherence in my photographic work…i photograph so many different things that i haven’t found my “style” yet.
Must think about that.

I don’t want to produce a bunch of images that mean nothing.

2 thoughts on “time to think.

  1. I disagree – I think you have a style: it’s a very urban one, but it also explores the way the countryside and nature appears in it. When I think of your photos, I think of the way light is shown in urban environments, as well as plants, birds, flowers and so on. And people. It’s an urban environment that people would like to live in: it’s shown very often as peaceful, contemplative and warm.

  2. Normal! Eu também estou na briga aqui com as minhas “produções literárias”. Um dia quero escrever sério, no outro quero escrever descontraída… ai ai… é tão difícil tomar decisões assim tão importantes!

    Good luck! I hope you find your style soon!

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